November-December 2014 … The Global Online Magazine of Arts, Information & Entertainment … Volume 10, Number 6
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Ten Years & Counting …

Photographer Neil Carver

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Better Late Than Never

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It’s been an eventful two months since the last issue of Ragazine premiered in September. The Ebola Crisis. Beheadings broadcast by Islamic State  in SyrIraq. A GOP landslide in the recent American elections. They say bad things come in threes; we don’t have to let them be a lesson. Leonard Cohen wrote and sang, “We have the music…” Well, we have the music and more. Not enough to turn the tide on insanity, but enough, perhaps, to give one a break from it.

We got off to a slow start and it wasn’t because of Halloween… though it did feel like a haunted site for awhile. Computer issues left things confused (on the page, that is), and it took more time than we would have liked to resolve them… Hopefully, we’re over the hump, but if you find broken links, photos missing, ghost pages, and all that awful stuff that happens once in a while, let us know.

This issue includes the provocative artwork of Japanese-American painter Masami Teraoka; the photography of Gene Lowinger and Neil Carver; poetry by Gail Gerwin, Sonia Greenfield, and Clint Margrave; an intriguing interview with the late literary icon Erskine Caldwell, conducted by Charles Hayes; our returning columnists Mark Levy (Casual Observer), Bill Dixon (From the Edge); humorist Galanty Miller (ReTweets), Steve Poleskie (Now and Then), and Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret (On Location/France); and an invitation to the Retro Video Club from Fred Roberts (Hamburg, Germany-based Music Editor).

Politics editor Jim Palombo offers a balanced look at the complexities of the American military experience, including the affect of military life on the individuals who serve (and those who don’t), their families, and those who would do harm to the country.

You’ll find a precautionary tale by Mitch James (“What We Always Did But More”); creative nonfiction in “Laughter Yoga” by Marlene Olin; book reviews edited by Alan Britt and written by Miriam O’Neal and Eileen Dandashi; and a biting commentary on American life (and the loss of it) by John Smelcer (“Gun Nation, Under God”).  And more …

Our Fall Fundraiser was the most successful ever, and has allowed us to begin making changes in platform and theme that you will see rolling out over the next few issues. To all those who contributed to the fundraising effort, and for helping us meet the financial needs of a growing publication, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”. To the curious about who – besides the contributors of our editorial content itself – helps bring Ragazine to you every couple of months, take a minute and read more about our staff and editors in About Us.

Thanks for reading … Happy Holidays

— Mike Foldes, Founder/Managing Editor

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Chasing Longlegs/Walter Gurbo Drawing Room

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