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Roger Williams

Dude, Take Me Apart


The deconstructivist art

 of Roger Williams


Williams at work on a commission for the Cosi building in Columbus, Ohio.





Williams works on a commission for the Cosi building in Columbus, Ohio.

Photos Courtesy of Larry Hamill


Roger Williams, now a voice  from  Columbus, Ohio, went to New York  as  a postmodernist artist in 1978, and lived  there for 15 years.  He worked  for art galleries, including  John Weber,  Nina Nosaie and Al Salvatore, and for artists Sol Lewitt and Basquiat. His paintings were shown in Soho, the East Village and uptown galleries.   Here he speaks about his art and career.


A commission, under deconstruction

A commission, under deconstruction

I came back to Columbus in 1993 to take care of a sick friend.  That year I joined the deconstructivist movement with information that I learned in New York.     Deconstructivist (alternatively called “deconstructionist”) art is an outgrowth of postmodern art, a thought  process  by which you analyze … tear apart, the existing  academia.    

Singing Smilies

Singing Smilies ... 46" x 48"

The result is a lot more energy, with use of conceptual properties overlapping, and layering of rhythms and transparencies. According to the architect Frank Gehry, you can deconstruct anything.

Party on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Party on the Island of La Grande Jatte ... 43" x 60"

Gehry deconstructed a fish in Barcelona .  With that in mind I deconstructed  a number of portraits,  cartoon characters,  people, objects, and events that define the decade. 

Gee Haw Whittle Diddle

Gee Haw Whittle Diddle ... 72" x 72"

I have my my own  style of deconstructionism. It is formally articulated and the drawing goes to painting dark lines and flat shapes with bright transparent color,   with rolled-on glazes and arbitrary overlaps to find space. 

Mojo the Monkey

Mojo the Monkey ... 43" x 60"

The technique is not so painterly or pickled, but with sharp crisp lines with a straight edge built for each task. The subject is very important, as the lyrics must define current events and recent history. This tells the viewer where I am in time. 

Rap Boy

Rap Boy ... 48" x 48"

Hometown art-politics here (in Columbus) translates into a popular appreciation for folk art, outsider, untrained, and prison art.  I am the only deconstructivist artist in town . 

Elijah Pierce: Woodcarver, Barber

Elijah Pierce: Woodcarver, Barber

I have Resistance, but I also have pieces in  many important collections, corporate, private and public.  This  month I am working on five commisions, including a  7′ x 12′ mural called Flight of the Dragon Fly deconstructed  for Cosi’s 10th anniversary celebration. It will be installed at the Cosi building, 333 West Broad Street, Columbus. 

Deconstructed Ellipse

Deconstructed Ellipse

I  have made the transition to deconstructionism and  plan to continue   


All paintings acrylic & lacquer.
Contact: Roger Williams, 108 s. 18 st . columbus ohio  43205
Telephone: 614-258-3994   e-mail:


1 marlies lebesque { 12.28.09 at 5:40 am }

Hello Roger
Now I understand your very personal way of “deconstruct” the world. Because I am an European I would call your work a deconstruction in the way the filosopher Derrida does. But I did mention that earlyer this year. I would say your transparancy is a way of layers, of different worlds over each other. The same way that Pollock created in his drippings. Mostly overall compositions, as in your artwork. Pollocks work had the same linear caracter as I see in yours. But his was more painterly. Yours is as a drawing combined with the flatness of a print. Very complex as our worlds are. I wish you good luck and creative days in the next year. Happy New Year!
Marlies Lebesque (friend off the Hamills)

2 amybean { 12.29.09 at 2:32 pm }

Roger is one of the most prolific and inspiring people I have ever known. They photograph beautifully, but the paintings are even more astonishing in person. I’m SO happy to see this article !!

3 Joseph Lindsley { 01.06.10 at 11:09 pm }

One needs to be in their presence to loose oneself in the imagery;
thoughtless for the while.