November-December 2014 … The Global Online Magazine of Arts, Information & Entertainment … Volume 10, Number 6
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On Location/Los Angeles

Beyond The Horizon:

Selected New Works By Terri Lloyd



Terri Lloyd

Terri Lloyd

Terri Lloyd

The Majestic Roof 

88 North Fair Oaks, Suite 102 

Pasadena, CA 91103 

Info:      (626) 844-8886   (626) 844-8886   (626) 844-8886   (626) 844-8886


Other exhibitions:


Doro Hofmann at Ghettogloss Gallery

“Excessive, sensual and kaleidoscopic, Hofmann’s image-saturated oil paintings comprise a meticulous study of the human impulse, desire. Magma-colored jewels and scintillating gold chains erupting from distant galaxies and lavish depictions of imaginary religious icons are some of the multifarious images Hofmann uses to visually construct how human desire motivates action, fantasy, destruction and uncertainty. ”

Ruby Ray: First Wave Punk Photography

William S. Burroughts in a San Francisco garden, 1980.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
February 19-28, 2010

“Friends, collectors, and strangers know Ruby Ray’s work — even when they don’t. Ruby Ray’s iconic portrait of Beat author / Punk Avatar William S. Burroughs’ vibing, serene, Interzone menace can be seen on MySpace.  Her photo of late punk rock legend Darby Crash is the cover of Darby biography Lexicon Devil. Other photos appear in magazines, on book covers, album covers, posters. Her punk rock photography pops up uncredited on fansites and music history websites. Ruby Rays’s esoteric studies and close collaboration with musicians and artists helped spawn a current that became trance music.”

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