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Cover: July-August 2010

Jean Marc Calvet, Legend, Acrylic on Canvas, 90cm x 90 cm, 2010

The 20 Act Play

A friend paints. I wonder how she does it. Day after day, year after year, for as long as I’ve known her, 35 years – which is quite a long time, indeed. It’s not the mechanism I wonder about, but the motivation, the drive, the wellspring of the ideas that come to her as she applies layer upon layer of color until the piece itself achieves unity. Some of the works look alike. In their style, that is. The subjects almost always are different. She’s not skinning the same cat twice.

With the help of a growing population of contributors — painters, poets, photographers, writers and others after arcane pursuits — we try to do that with each issue of  The format is designed to put each and every contributor – and contribution – center stage, for how else can an audience best judge the performer?

With the July-August issue, we’ve got dozens of images and thousands of words, in nearly 25 posts. Not all the posts, I’m afraid, are included in the list of “Recent Posts” that appears column left, so don’t be afraid to click on the categories to the right that may be of interest to you. The latest posts in that category will lead the page.

Regular features include “On Location/Los Angeles” with Ginger Liu, and “On Location/Columbus”, the latter with a snapshot bio of Candice Watkins, artist, photographer & musicologist; and, an update from Baghdad on the activities of Kitchen Caravan’s Emma Piper-Burketand the Iraqi Seed Project. “Music” includes Jaff Katz’s review ofNeil Young’s Albany gig at the opening of his latest tour, and an interview with Graham Parker. “Politics” editor Jim Palomboshares his unique experiences and artwork from Cuba. And for amateur filmmakers, Mark Levy shares his regrets in Casual Observer.

On the literary front, you’ll find fiction by Kris Saknussemm andDavid Cody; an exploration of the “life force” by Lucy Sherman, with a thoughtful introduction by CNF editor Leslie Heywood; poetry byPaul Sohar, including translations from Hungarian to English; poetry by Laura Merleau, written in both English and French, as well as poems by Carmen Mojica and Deborah LaVeglia.

In a world of contrasts, nothing could be more different than the “spiritual madness” and reconciliation in the work of French-born artistJean Marc Calvet,  and the tranquility evidenced in the communion with nature drawn out in the paintings of Transylvanian artist Claudiu Presecan. For more visual impact, check out the gallery of photographs by Jim Friedman, whose obsession with the interior design of golf balls gives something to think twice about before taking that next big swing. And in keeping with summer, Herm Card, who’s spent decades as player, coach and umpire, shares some of the special photos he’s taken staking out the diamond as a photographer.

At home, Emily Vogel joins poetry editor Joe Weil on the staff as assistant poetry editor. Vogel is the recipient of second prize for The Academy of American Poets competition at Binghamton University, 2008. Her third collection of poetry, “Elucidation Through Darkness”, was published by Split Oak Press in May of 2010.   She has been nominated for the AWP award in creative non-fiction, 2010.

We’re hoping you, dear reader, will let us know your thoughts about the play. And if you please, leave a comment on your way out after the curtain falls at the end of Act 20-something. And thanks for reading!

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