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Barbara Sue Mink Spalding/Poetry

A Sonnet on Death or Murder

If you kill and kill and kill again, like in war, or battle or just murder,

No one really cares at all, no one is really around to care.

You get the satisfaction of the blood and gore, and plunder.

But, really, and I’ve heard it said, there is really no one who cares.

Cain caught, and killed Able, the first one: a good lie and his parents would never know.

But they did know. Yet Cain said they did not care at all.

They just sent him away forever and Oh,

He never did come back—If they were appalled

He would later claim “They did not say.”

Did they ever find Able? Cain left him for, and he was, dead.

It’s like today.

I’ve heard it said–

“I killed them, you see.

They meant nothing to me.”


The Sadness of His Birthday

At Mastro’s that night:

Lobster bisque, a bloody mary.

Winter ended, though.



The cherry blossoms popped

Open; the first one

Of April. The saturated

Pink meaning winter was now done.


The sparrow and robin returned

On choppy flight.

Trilling  their songs at 2 a.m.

When it still seemed like night.


Earth teems and billows

When new shivers.

Old lives raise their

Hoary heads and quiver.


About the poet:

Barbara Sue Mink Spalding lives in Orange County, California. Her poetry has appeared in Carcinogenic Poetry; she can be reached through facebook at