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DR Goff/In Memoriam

DR Goff, war photographer


D.R. Goff

In Memoriam 

By Bill Dixon

I first met D.R. Goff almost 40 years ago, at Larry Flynt’s place of business, in Columbus, Ohio. I was a young banker, looking to set up a business account with Hustler Magazine. He was a Viet Nam vet, a combat photographer still recovering from the horrors of the war. I had on a suit, a cheap one, and he was wearing red and white Ronald McDonald socks and a sort of crazed grin. We shot the breeze while I was waiting for Larry to meet with me. D.R. was bouncing around, full-tilt counter culture, I was trying to look like an establishment guy. The next time we got together was about 15 years later, in a hospital physical rehab gym. I’d had some minor heart surgery, and he’d had a bad motorcycle accident that broke his back. We were both serious about getting healthy again, and we both had just opened new businesses. We worked out at the gym together, side-by-side.

I’d set up a commercial real estate rehab/management company, and my 60-hour work week had caused my heart problems. D.R. was getting established as commercial photographer, trying to learn to walk again, and we were both single guys, working hard and playing hard. We both liked a few beers at the conclusion of the day’s labors. D.R. was also doing some beautiful art photography, exhibiting in local galleries. I was doing the same exhibition venues, but with my oil paintings. It was a natural alliance. We’d get together in various artsy parts of Columbus, at saloons, and exchange world views, growing-up stories, and talked about families and people important to us. We ate together, drank beer together, and propped each other up when we needed it.

After we each moved to different parts of the country, he to New Mexico, I to Maine and Florida, we kept in touch. We stayed connected. I’d talked about visiting New Mexico, on a cross-country trip to visit my old college roomie in San Diego. He was having mobility problems again, and his two canes weren’t doing the job anymore. He told me he was going back to the VA, in mid-January, to find out what was wrong with his legs: He was back in his wheelchair again. Four days later, he sent me an email: he had inoperable pancreatic cancer. Eleven days after that, he died.

He had friends and family with him until the end, and absent friends called him daily. He was more worried about getting his affairs in order, than his impending death. He said, his” bags had been packed for a long time”. The last time I called him he was incoherent, and unable to hold the telephone. The next day, he was gone…

His friend Mike Foldes said “We lost an honest man.” Mike was right. He was also a positive influence in many lives, including mine, a good friend, and a genuinely damned good guy. I already miss him. Rest in peace, D.R. You always gave it your best, buddy.

DR Goff

DR. Larry Hamill Photo




1 sally { 02.04.13 at 2:53 pm }

D.R. had a smile that lit up the room and a personality that was great beyond words. To think of D.R. is to be reminded what “friendship” means. His heart was big enough to make each one of his many friends feel like his only special friend. Once in an effort to impress him, I told him a dirty joke. The joke wasn’t that dirty and I told it badly, but he laughed like he loved it and threw me a custom made rakish smile. My sense of humor was better off for knowing him as was my mind. He had a gift, a calling, a magic that simply cannot ever be replaced. D.R. will be remembered with laughter and love for a long long time. Please post any news of how he is being honored. I would love to hear from other friends of D.R. and share stories. Thank you D.R. for showing us “how to be”. Peace to all, Sally

2 danielwfloss { 02.05.13 at 9:02 pm }

Well friends,

I was informed today that a very good friend of mine passed away yesterday. Many of you will not know this person. A few will. We all have that one person that came along that made a difference, provided an opportunity, made you laugh, was life of the party, unique, creative, lived life to its fullest! D.R. Goff was a great photographer, mentor and friend and I will miss him a great deal.

For my friend.


3 Scott Hutchings { 02.22.13 at 10:34 am }

I found out yesterday about DR’s passing. Cannot express how devastated I was went Robert, DR’s brother, told me.

So many great memories of DR have consumed my thought’s. From being a wonderful teacher and showing me how to soup my first roll of 35mm black & white film to our day’s traveling around the country playing Rugby Football with Scioto Valley RFC.

Most of all I will miss his infectious laugh and great humor.

Also, many thanks to Mike here at Ragazine for keeping me informed.

Your in my thoughts for ever ole’ buddy…