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Adele Kenny/Poetry

Twilight and What There Is

The gauze eyelid is gone and your spun glass hand.
The past that always knew where to find you has lost
its place. There’s nothing left for the dead to remember—
nothing catches up (there’s no meter running). Just look:
new grass lifts the field—bloodroot, bluebells, a thousand
things so small and flawless they almost go unnoticed.
Translation doesn’t escape you: you’re grateful for sunset’s
watery rust and this, something instinctive called into
being, more than perceived. More than memory, more
than moment—nothing provisional. Anything you might
say, might think, would be too much. You open your palms
in a dusky Rorschach and let the dark fall through.


What You Know

A stray dog laps the moon from a
broken flowerpot. Silk hydrangeas

bloom against the fence. A heron
stands on the clothesline — bluer

than blue — perched where (sky,
earth) edges converge. On the wall,

the painting of a clock ticks, hands
painted in at three forty-seven. She

takes a wax apple from the bowl and
peels it with a silver fruit knife.

Sugared bread dries on the table.
Across the room, a dimensional

window masquerades as persuasion.
If you believe it, it is.


The Silence After

Late December: afternoon
deepens and retreats;
shadows fall on rows of stones.
A broken column tilts at
the sky. There is snow in the air,
pale leaves under ice.

Across the river, a woodpecker
taps into its own sound.
Here, where trees edge darkly
toward water, we measure
our shadows’ exactness. Deep in
that absent light, chapel bells

ring the hour. Whatever we came for
isn’t here, only remember or
wish, if we think in those terms—and
nothing to keep us (no token,
no resemblance of things),
nothing to carry home.


About the poet:

Adele Kenny is the author of 23 books (poetry and nonfiction). Founding director of the Carriage House Poetry Series and poetry editor of Tiferet, her poems have been widely published in journals and anthologies in the US and abroad. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including poetry fellowships from the N.J. State Arts Council, a Merton Poetry of the Sacred Award, the International Book Award, and a Distinguished Alumni Award (Kean University).