November-December 2014 … The Global Online Magazine of Arts, Information & Entertainment … Volume 10, Number 6
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On Location/France

Woman Informing Herself


An Interview

with Valentin Magaro

Digital & Analogue Explorations

by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret 

Valentin Magaro fills up sketchbook after sketchbook, and many days he lets himself drift almost on automatic pilot guided by the image banks in his mind. He makes his compositions rapidly. They are inexhaustible exploratory pathways, sometimes pursued, sometimes abandoned along the way. Romanticism contrasts sharply with the thrilling styles of the scenes.  Each of his images works autonomously, but at the same time they irresistibly form a series and a narrative.


Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret: What makes you get up on morning?

Valentin Magaro: Our son. He wakes up early.

Q) What happened to your dreams as child?

A) I can’t remember.

Q) What did you give up?

A) My virginity.

Q) Where do you come from?

A) From the tummy of my mother.

Q) What is the first image you remember ?

A) The little forest in the garden of our house.

Q) And the first book ?

A) Wenn Kubaki kommt (a Swiss book for children).

Q) That is what distinguishes you from other artists?

A) An individual picture language.

Q) Where do you work and how?

A) I have a studio for my big acrylic-paintings and a little studio at home for my drawings ans my architectural models.
I create complex compositions. Every work always starts with a drawing in pencil. Later I transform the picture in many different technics.

Q) To whom do you never dare write ?

Q) What music do you listen to?

A) I listen to different kind of music. Music from the last 40 Years.

Q) What is the book you love to reread?

A) “Wahrheiten und Weisheiten”, a book from Beat Imhof with a collection of symbolic stories from the whole world.

Q) When you look yourself in a mirror who do you see?

A) A friendly young man that would help every old woman to cross the street.

Q) What city or place has value of myth for you?

A) Paris.

Q) What are the artists you feel closest?

A) Hieronymus Bosch, Willi Sitte, Hans Memling, Felix Vallotton, Michel Erhart.

Q) What film makes you cry?

A) Brokeback Mountain.

Q) What would you like to receive for your birthday?

A) That’s my secret (and the secret of my wife).

Q) What do you think of the sentence of Lacan: “Love is giving something that we don’t have to someone who does not want”?

A) Do you like Italian food?

Q)  And Woody Allen: “The answer is Yes, but what was the question?”

A) Is there life after death?


About the interviewer:

Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret contributes the On Location/France column to Ragazine. This interview was conducted in April 2014. You can read more about him in About Us.