November-December 2014 … The Global Online Magazine of Arts, Information & Entertainment … Volume 10, Number 6
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Wall of Fame

It occurred to us that our listing of Friends and Contributors does not include those who contribute financially to Ragazine.CC. Some of these donations are made in kind, others in cash, and come from all quarters at various times. Many people on the staff of Ragazine.CC have made donations over the past several years through the purchase of T-Shirts, refreshments at fundraisers (chips and booze) and now we are seeing donations coming in through the web site on our PayPal DONATE button.

One of these days we hope to rise above the sustenance level to which so many alternative publications gravitate, and according to “Best Practices” for zines, begin paying our contributors. Until that time, funds will be used to maintain and expand our presence on the web. We understand not everyone has an extra dollar, euro or yen, in his/her pocket to spare, so don’t let that get in the way — your continued participation as a reader in our continuing effort will always be appreciated. Without you, we’d be voices in a vacuum, trees falling in the forest, ad infinitum.

Thanks for reading, and for letting others know we’re here.

— Mike Foldes, Founder/Managing Editor, 12-11-11

Joe Weil
Jim Palombo
Mark Levy
Robert Greene
Susan Cook
Eric & Mary Ross
David & Phyllis Williams
Doug “D.R.” Goff
Don Ruben & Lelia Cady
Wendy Stewart
Myron Ernst
Rick Spier
Robert Walker
Joseph Kennedy
Steve Poleskie
Jeanne Mackin
Lilvia Soto
Wendy K. Stewart
Russell Streur
Helene Gaillet
Paul Sohar
Joe Amato