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Gou-gou World

GG in Kashmir F

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The ‘Gou-gou World’ Series


In the spring of 2010, a new figure appeared in Edmond Rinnooy-Kan’s paintings. It was a simple, stocky creature, not more than a head on legs. His name was Gou-gou. Since then Gou-gou has been coming back and now has a dominant presence in all Rinnooy-Kan’s work.

Gou-gou is always shy, uncomfortable, detached and out-of-place. He is an archetypal outsider, not unfriendly, but not friendly either. Neither is he happy nor unhappy. He just has a hard time relating to anything.



Edmond Rinnooy-Kan's sidekick travels the world…

With no roots to keep him anywhere, Gou-gou is always on the road. He sees no danger or opportunity. He takes things as they come and goes with the flow. Not out of a philosophy but by lack of it.

Is he having a good time? Not really. Neither does he have a bad time. He is just having a time.

— Edmond Rinnooy-Kan
January 2014 

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