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Image of the Day

“Image of the Day”: We’re looking for kick-ass work…. Have a photo, painting, print, collage, cartoon, comic or some other visual offering you want to blast out to Ragazine readers?  Email it to: as a jpg attachment of 1 to 2 mb. But first, see our submission guidelines here: “SUBMISSIONS” . 




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Loch Ness Madonna

Loch Ness Madonna, by Jose Rodeiro, 1999. Oil on Linen. 42″ x 38″.

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San Francisco in the morning

San Francisco Sunday morning after Giants beat Royals 11-4

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Finders, Keepers,” by Dale Grimshaw. 17″x17″, archival print.

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Gabriel Navar putting finishing touches on the Albert Einstein selfie…

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The Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer has created the mystical figures, Guardians of Time. He has been a freelance artist and worked as a painter, sculptor and photographer for many years.

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Los Angeles City Hall reflection

Los Angeles City Hall (completed in 1928) as reflected in the relatively new Los Angeles Police Department headquarters.  Photo by Daniel A. Olivas, LA, Ca.

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Dzvinia Orlowsky photo. Received with a notice she was named recipient with poet David Lee Garrison 2014 Ohio Co-Poets of the Year

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Shared by Riton Colombes.

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MYJNIA” (which in Polish means “bathroom”) − the second part of “Pastel Collection” (after the first pink project “Sypialnia”), designed by Karina Wiciak.

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Valley Mist, Sunset Upstate New York

Valley Mist, Sunset/Upstate New York. Chuck Haupt Photo.

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Shared by Carolyn Forché.

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Two-time Stanley Cup winner  Anze Kopitar, and the photographer’s son, Tom.
Janez Vlachy photo.

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ashley d pierce

Ashley D. Pierce at Duff Lindsay Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.

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Photo: war in america

War in America.  Chas Ray Krider image.

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Selfie during Sandy. Photo by Charles Hayes.

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“On the other hand, a glove.” Chas Ray Krider.

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Photo: Hot Times indeed, The Band's music is blazing. Photilation- L. Hamill

Hot Times…Zilla Rock. Photilation by Larry Hamill.

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Photo: 10 copies just in from Berlin > 9 left.

Chas Ray Krider: Buy This Book

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car in weeds

Car Eden, by B. Goode

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Doughty Street, Brooklyn, July 4, 2014. Photo by M. Sedlof.

July 2, 2014

July 4 2014 flag VB

From the South Dakota Series, by Valerie Brown.

June 28, 2014

Larry Hamill, Photilation

Larry Hamill, Photilation, 2014, in celebration of ComFest, Columbus, Ohio.
See more of Larry’s work at

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June 20, 2014


YOU, from the solstice video by David Gittens.
Click HERE to watch the YouTube Video.

June 19, 2014


selfie4summerslippin4, by Gabriel Navar

Fair warning, the longest day of the year is near ….

June 18, 2014


The Guardians of Time by Manfred Kielnhofer on guard at Art Basel. Kielnhofer deals with and looks into the natural human desire for feeling secure. For more information and images, see

June 16, 2014

candy & ralph

Candace Watkins & Ralph. Circa 1967. By Henry Spivak.

June 15, 2014

Illustration from Ultra Violet Interview, Ragazine.CC, August 2011.

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June 13, 2014


Bend in the road. M. Sedlof.

June 6, 2014



©2014 Chuck Haupt

Photo editor Chuck Haupt visited Omaha Beach and Normandy this spring. ” He writes: “A very humbling experience. Can’t imagine what that serene beach looked liked 70 years ago on D-Day. Let’s remember the 9,000 fallen soldiers.”

No. 4, May 30, 2014


Display at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.

No. 3, May 28, 2014



“Café Els Quatre Gats” by Jose Rodeiro, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. 2013. Size: 18” x 24”.  Pablo Picasso’s youthful, light-gray ghostlike frontal-shadow enters the door of the famous Barcelona café, while four cats pose around a table. A beaded curtain leads to the secret room wherein hidden from view three unseen Catalan painters (Santiago Rusiñol, Ramon Casas, and Isidor Nonnell) are drinking absinth waiting for Picasso to join them. The image has an allusion to Hanover Merz-Art master Kurt Schwitters, who said,“I am a painter, who nails my pictures together . . .” Hermeneutically, all Art is open to perpetual and infinite interpretation(s), as demonstrated by this brief description. Rodeiro, art history professor at NJCU, is art editor of Ragazine.CC. The painting is on display at MDC Museum of Art & Design Freedom Tower, Miami, Florida until July 12.

No. 2 May 25, 2014

photo 3

Valerie Brown, from her South Dakota Series, May 2014. Brown is a regular contributor to Ragazine. Her work can be seen at


No. 1, May 24, 2014


Inaugural Image of the Day: Selfie 4, The Colossus, by Gabriel Navar.  See interview & more of Gabe’s work at