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Ragazine accepts submissions of  poetry, photography, reviews, interviews, art, travel stories, creative non-fiction/memoir, informed political commentary (no rants), current events, dance, entertainment, cartoons & illustrations, Letters to the Editor, and more.
Obviously, we’re eclectic, and naturally, we’re looking for the highest quality work we can find. If you have an idea for a submission, but want some kind of affirmation, send a note with “QUERY” in the subject line to, to see if this is something that meets the intent.  Carefully read the submission guidelines below for each category before querying or sending any submissions. Submissions that do not comply with guidelines may not be considered.
Creative Non-Fiction Editor’s Statement

In relation to the natural world …

Ragazine’s creative non-fiction section brings together the kind of writing I like most:  grounded, compelling first-person narration set in a concrete time and place that reflects thematically some way on the human relation to the natural world and the ways we’ve transformed that world, and in the process, transformed ourselves.  Creative non-fiction is an expansive genre that spans narrative history, literary journalism, narrative non-fiction, the personal essay, memoir, and probably many other sub-categories I’m forgetting, but the kind of writing I welcome you to submit to Ragazine should focus on the previously mentioned themes in some broad sense — what is the meaning of contemporary lives and, although they might seem to be detached from nature in our highly mediated, technologically-driven world of the hyperreal, how are they nontheless grounded in that material reality that surrounds, supports, and enables us?

Submissions and Questions:


Query first. Let us know where we can see your work on-line (your home page/gallery/etc.). After we reply, you will be asked for 3-5  jpgs of your intended submission. You may be asked for additional jpgs (20-30), and if we publish your work, you will also be requested to provide a short, 150 word biography, artist’s statement, etc. We are unable to take work via postal mail.
Send your Random Header submissions to, SUBJECT: Random Header. Submissions should be jpg format, attached, sized to  865 x 170 pixels, plus or minus a few, and contain the logo. Credits will be provided under HEADER Credits on the About Us page, along with your e-mail address and/or web URL (your choice).

“Image of the Day”: We’re looking for kick-ass work…. Have a photo, painting, print, collage, cartoon, comic or some other visual offering you want to blast out to Ragazine readers?  Email it to: as a jpg attachment of 1 to 2 mb. Include your name, email address, and a 2-3 sentence description of how you happened to create the image. No more than 3 submissions per year, please. Acceptance notification will be by email. As a volunteer organization, Ragazine does not pay contributors. See Copyright information below.


Guidelines for poetry submissions:

  1. Except in special cases (determined by the editor) does not accept poems previously published online or in print.
  2. Send poetry submissions to: Subject line to read: Poetry Submission. Poems should appear in the body of the e-mail, not as attachments.
  3. Include a brief biography, no more than three to four sentences.
  4. If the poem is over three pages in length, it may be sent in an attachment, but ask the editor first so she/he knows to expect it and can acknowledge your inquiry.
  5. No more than three poems per submission.
  6. No more than 4 submissions per year.
  7. Poetry Book/Chapbook Reviews of 1 to 2 pages are welcomed. These can be sent in an attachment.
  8. Ragazine is especially interested in translations. In such cases, the poem in its original language also should be included.
  9. No websites. Ragazine will not accept poems from websites, blogs, facebook, etc.

Poetry Editor’s note:

Poems accepted for Ragazine will appear over the next two to three issues, as the editor has received much good work that she wants to publish, but has room only for five or six poets max per issue. If you receive an acceptance, know the poem may appear in an issue three months to four months after the editor has accepted your work. It is not always for the very next issue. Do not think she has forgotten her promise to publish the poem. We update every six to eight weeks.


Fiction submissions are reopened. The fiction editor is Joe Weil.

The Fiction Editors at Ragazine welcome your prose and will work diligently and honestly in reading (and sometimes offering critique of) your work.

Please note that we take the title “editor” seriously, and will sometimes make editorial suggestions to your work prior to accepting it. We are open to various fiction styles, including, but not limited to, flash/micro/sudden/genre-blurring fiction. We’re looking for work that will sit well on the screen (take a moment, please, to decide for yourselves what this means. We can say, for example, that we’d like work to “pop”, to be imaginative”, “sharp”, “tight”, etc., but we’d be limiting the variety of work that we’d love to publish on Ragazine.).


  • Submit no more than 2 pieces at a time; each submitted piece should be no more than 5000 words;
  • include your name, e-mail address, word count, and page numbers on every page;
  • simultaneous submissions are okay, but please indicate this in your cover. Of course, let us know a piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • “paste” your cover letter in the body of your email; or,
  • attach your submission to email as a Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) only;
  • please do not submit more than once per reading period; and please do not submit every reading period unless you’re encouraged to do so.
  • We do not accept submissions via postal mail.

Send Fiction and Fiction queries to:  Subject line to read: Ragazine Fiction Submission.


We enjoy a combative atmosphere of political and socio-economic discourse. Address your queries to, for consideration. Most material is solicited, but thoughtful, relevant analysis is always a nice surprise, so fire away.


Material that appears in is copyright the contributor, unless otherwise indicated. By submitting a work to, the contributor agrees that reserves first rights, and the right for the material to remain in our archives indefinitely. All other rights are reserved for the contributor.  If we publish something that has appeared elsewhere, we will credit that publication or venue, and we request the same courtesy from those who reference or quote material appearing in All rights are similarly reserved by for material generated specifically for publication in by the staff. Copyright 2004-2014.

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